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Automatic assembling equipment for emulsion pump

Voltage: ac210-240v 15A 50Hz
Air pressure: 0.4-0.6mp
Working speed: 55-60 / min

This product is mainly used in the daily chemical industry and beauty industry. According to customer needs, it is designed to meet customer needs. It has the functions of automatic feeding, whole column, transmission and assembly, twist cap, detection, sorting and receiving. Large materials are equipped with silos to solve the problem of storage and sizing, replace traditional manual assembly, reduce labor and ensure product quality.

1. Use the vibrating plate and mechanical structure to accurately put the materials into the tooling, successively assemble and test, and select the defective products to ensure the quality.
2. Simple operation and high stability. One person can monitor multiple devices at the same time.
3. Reliable identification of the installation angle of the product ensures the qualified rate of the product and improves the product quality.

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